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In the UK it is a legal requirement that dogs wear identification when in a public place; these dog identity tags used to be boring and functional, barrels or metal discs, but clever designers like K9 and Pucci thought dogs and cats deserved something special to suit their personalities.  We agree with them. 

The Pucci and K9 pet ID tags and charms are fun and fashionable.  Just as collars have changed from being purely functional to fashion statements so have Pucci Petwear and K9 changed the whole look of pet name tags.

Pucci's signature is lots of diamante and and fabulous bling charms and tags; K9 ID tags are famous for their strong original enamelled designs, and the range is soon to be enhanced by simple silver nickel shapes with a single rhinestone on each.  They are also introducing some gorgeous glittery tags in their classic Paw design and bone-shaped tags.

K9 tags also feature the option of adding a complementary tag for recording your pet's microchip - much nicer than the discs you are given by the vet!

The Bead Shop have added to the choice with their house collars, velvet collars for cats and dogs with slide-on charms

All our ID tags are listed on our petshop which has a secure server and options to pay, in addition, through Google Checkout and PayPal Express.

Both Pucci and K9 pet ID tags are sold in presentation boxes so make really fun gifts to your best friend's best friend.

For highest quality brass name tags, including slide on collar tags, identitag is hard to beat; their range and finish is very impressive.

This wonderfully diverse range of pet identity tags gives owners, at last, the chance to give their dog a name tag which reflects their individuality.

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